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2012 Blending Waivers for Aflatoxin Contaminated Corn

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2012 Aflatoxin Binders

OTSC approved the use of aflatoxin binding agents in customer formula feeds in August 2011. Customer formula feeds are defined in the Commercial Feed Control Act141.001(7) as a “mixture of commercial feed or feed material all or part of which is furnished by the person who processes, mixes, mills, or otherwise prepares the mixture and which is mixed according to the specific instructions of the purchaser". As of October 2012, 8 binders have been approved and 2 are pending approval.

Establishments selling aflatoxin binding agents and manufacturing customer formula feeds using aflatoxin binding agents must hold a license with the Office, and licensed firms must amend their license and receive an OTSC certificate of approval to distribute or use an aflatoxin binding agent. For additional details on the OTSC policy, please refer to the Criteria for Aflatoxin Binding Agents in Customer Formula Feeds (Memo 5-23).

Need a license to sell or manufacture customer formula feeds? Complete the Aflatoxin Binder Registration Form (Form 168) or contact Julie Laporte-Mitchell at (979) 845-1121,

Note: Use of aflatoxin binders in non-customer-formula feeds is prohibited and such use would result in an adulterated product within the meaning of §141.148, Distribution of Adulterated Feed of the Texas Commercial Feed Control Act.