Texas Feed and Fertilizer Control Service

Texas Feed & Fertilizer Control Service Policies

General Administrative Memoranda

Title Description
Memo 5-25 Recall Policies and Procedure in Texas

General Industry Memoranda

Title Description
Memo 3-1 Policy on Charges for Contested Sample
Memo 5-21 Definition of Inter-Company Transfers
Memo 5-22 Visits to Fairs, Conventions, Product Shows, and Trade or Retail Exhibitions
Memo 5-23 Identifying Violative Samples
Memo 6-1 Identification of the Guarantor when More Than One Name and Address is on the Label
Memo 7-1 Applicability of Feed and Fertilizer Laws to Salvage Materials
Memo 8-1 Fertilizer Products Being Used as a Feed Ingredient

Feed Industry Memoranda

Title Description
Memo 3-4 Policy on Interpretation of the Phrase "Individual Mineral Substances Not Mixed with Other Materials"
Memo 3-5 Sale and Distribution of Unfinished or Partially Processed Goods
Memo 3-6 Application of the Law to Small Quantity Carry-Out Sales of Feeds
Memo 3-8 Seed Processing By-Products
Memo 3-15 Licensing of Distributors of Raw Milk as Aninmal Feed
Memo 3-16 Regulation of DSHEA Authorized Dietary Supplements for Humans when Used as or in Animal Feeds
Memo 3-17 Distributing Products Containing Glucosamine Hydrochloride and/or Chondroitin Sulfate
Memo 3-19 Acrylamide-Acrylic Acid Resins Used in Commercial Animal Feeds
Memo 4-1 The Relationship Between Veterinarian Practice and the Commercial Feed Manufacturer
Memo 5-1 Products Sold as Animal Remedies
Memo 5-9 The Exemption of Feed Products Produced and Sold by Farmers
Memo 5-12 Distribution of Aflatoxin-Containing Whole Grain and Oilseed in Commercial Channels and Their Use in Mixed Feeds
Memo 5-17 Distribution of Aflatoxin-Containing Oilseed Meals/Processed Grains in Commercial Channels and Their Use in Mixed Feeds
Memo 5-19 Submission of Additional Information Prior to Distribution of "Nutraceuticals" or Products Containing Nutraceuticals
Memo 5-21 Criteria for Approving New Ingredient Definitions, Uses or Products
Memo 5-22 Definition of Crude Glycerin from Biodiesel Production
Memo 5-23 Criteria for Aflatoxin Binding Agents in Customer Formula Feeds
Memo 5-24 Definition of L-Glutamic Acid for Addition to Diets of Weanling Pigs
Memo 5-25 Definition of L-Glutamine for Addition to Diets of Weanling Pigs
Memo 5-26 Definition of Zinc Hydroxychloride
Memo 5-27 Definition of Manganese Hydroxychloride
Memo 5-28 Definition of Krill Meal
Memo 5-29 Definition of Alkaline Phosphatase Prepared from Paenibacillus Lentus
Memo 5-30 Procedure for Reviewing and Approving Feed Ingredients or Drug Definitions, Uses or Products
Memo 5-31 Definition of Clostridium beijerinckii ASCUSDY20 Fermentation Product
Memo 5-32 Definition of Pichia kudriavzevii ASCUSDY21 Fermentation Product
Memo 5-33 Definition of Rumihnococcus bovis ASCUSDY10 Fermentation Product
Memo 5-34 Definition of Butyrivibrio fibrisolvens ASCUSDY19 Fermentation Product
Memo 5-35 Definition of Hempseed Oil, Mechanical Extracted: Horses and Chicken
Memo 5-36 Definition of Hempseed Meal, Mechanical Extracted: Horses and Chicken
Memo 6-4 Registration of Brokers as Facility/Guarantors
Memo 6-5 Labeling of Products Containing Fly Control Pesticides
Memo 6-9 Use of Second-Hand or Mislabeled Bags
Memo 6-11 Label Review
Memo 8-1 Roughage Products in Feed Labels

Fertilizer Industry Memoranda

Title Description
Memo 2-1 The Use of Fractions in Expressing Grades for Fertilizers
Memo 4-3 Labeling and Registration Requirements of Fertilizer Pesticide Mixtures
Memo 5-4 Labeling and Registration Requirements for Bulk Pesticide/Fertilizer Mixtures Sold and Applied by Commercial Applicator
Memo 5-5 Policy on Labeling Fertilizer Mixed with Seed or Other Additives
Memo 5-8 Label Claims for Soil Conditioners, Composts, Sludges, or Potting Soil
Memo 5-9 Fire Marshal Inspection of Ammonium Nitrate Storage
Memo 5-10 Grade Statement Policy
Memo 5-11 Fertilizer Mixtures that Contain Nutrient Stabilizer Additives