Texas Feed and Fertilizer Control Service

2022 Commerical  Feed Annual Report

Feed Conformance to Guarantees

Conformance to Guarantee of Feed Materials Nutrients

During the fiscal year, a total of 3779 samples of the feed ingredients listed below were collected from lots that were being offered for sale. The table below reflects a breakdown of the analytical results on samples, i.e., the number falling slightly below guarantee (< G), and the number of samples falling below the applied analytical variances (< AV). If materials are accepted as meeting guarantees without further investigation, violative finished feeds will frequently result. Because of these findings, therefore, manufacturers are urged to sampleincoming ingredients, have a representative number of them analyzed by a reputable laboratory, and adjust formulas to the results obtained.

MaterialsTotal SamplesProtein <GProtein <AVFat <GFat <AVFiber <GFiber <AVCal- cium <GCal- cium <AVPhos- phorus <GPhos- phorus <AV
Animal Protein Products330100004222
Cottonseed Products65121500000000
Feed Products3561310248300073496715
Rice Products212000000000
Soybean Products5424800000000
Wheat Products450000000000